What does Pending PayPal status mean?

If your order is showing as "Pending PayPal" status, it could mean your payment is currently in an "Unclaimed" status with PayPal. You will need to go to your PayPal dashboard, and manually accept the payment to receive the funds..

You should also be receiving an email from PayPal informing you of an "Unclaimed" payment, along with further instructions on how to claim the payment and receive the funds. 

Here are a few of the reasons why your payment may be "Unclaimed" in PayPal:
  • Your PayPal account is in a different currency than the currency your clients used to purchase their order
  • You have not yet verified your PayPal account
  • You have made changes to your PayPal account email address
Payments that are not collected after 30 days could be returned to the sender. It is recommended that you take actions as soon as possible to resolve the "Unclaimed" payment with PayPal.

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