How to Create Custom Default Settings for your Collections

Collection Default settings allow you to pre-configure settings and quickly apply them to new collections. When creating a new Collection, you will be able to apply your personal default settings saving you time from configuring it from scratch. 

You are able to create multiple Collection Defaults. For example, if you shoot both Weddings and Newborn Photography, you can create default settings for each and simply apply the correct defaults depending on the client. With your wedding clients, you might offer them the Collection Download for free, whereas your Newborn portraits clients purchase Packages from your Store. You can predefine these settings with Collection Defaults and quickly apply the correct settings to a new collection.

How do I create a Collection Default?

Step One - Create new default settings:

To create your Collection Default you will need to go to Account Settings > Options > Collection Defaults > and select New Default 

Step Two - Configure your default settings:

You can now go through and set your personal Collection Default setting. 
or this example, we are going to be creating Custom Default settings for our Wedding Collections.  There are several tabs that can be configured with your preferences.

  • Default Setting Name: allows you to name your Custom Default settings. It would be a good idea to name the Default settings under the Collection types you would like to apply them to, such as Weddings.
  • Category Tags: allows you to assign a tag for easy sorting on your Pixieset Homepage.
  • Cover Template: lets you pick which cover photo theme or template you would like applied for all Collections.

  • Collection Download: you are able to set which download size you would like to offer your clients. You can choose between Original, High Resolution, and Web Sized. Please note, that Original Downloads are only available to Subscription users. If you are not a subscription user you will be able to select the Original Download option as a Collection Default, but it will still be blocked as a download option during the download process. 

  • Single Photo Download: allows you to enable or disable individual downloads of the images. Anyone with access to the Collection will be able to download the images when this feature is on. You can also pre-set whether a PIN is required for Single Photo Downloads, and whether you would like to require an email address for this feature.

Favorite & Sharing: 
  • Favorite Status: favorites can be used for proofing, as well as delivery of digital downloads, or simply allows your clients to select what images are their favorite to share with their friends and family. 
  • Sharing Status: allows you to enable or disable sharing directly from the Collection to Social Media. 


  • Store Status: you are able to enable or disable the Store for the Collection. However, if your Store is not Active, you will be able to turn it "on" as a default, but it will remain off within the Collection until you activate your Store. 
  • Default Price Sheet: the applied default Price Sheet is for the Collections you apply the Collection Default to. If you have another Price Sheet applied as your Account Default, if you do not use a Collection Default when setting up a Collection, the Account Default Price Sheet will be applied to the Collection. 

Collection Settings:
  • Email Registration: this feature allows you to Collect email address that are entered when a client, or their friends and family view a Collection. You can retain these emails and use them for further marketing later on. 
  • Homepage Visibility: allows you to set if you would like the Collections display on your Pixieset Homepage or not. If you're shooting more private or sensitive photography, it would be a good idea to create a default to always have these hidden from your Homepage.
  • Default Photo Sets: allows you to create pre-determined Sets you frequently use.
  • Auto Expiry Reminder Email: allows you to pre-determine the reminders for each Collection - up to 3 reminders - and select which Activity Lists you’d like to use (only available with an upgraded account)

Step Three - Apply defaults to new collection:

When you create a new Collection, you can select the Collection Default to have the settings automatically applied. 

Note: When creating the Collection, if you do not want to apply a Collection Default, you can select the "Pixieset default" settings to apply the default settings that Pixieset have defined.

Can I still make changes?

Yes! Once the Collection is created, if you want to change any of the settings, you can simply go into the Collection itself > Collection Settings > and adjust settings accordingly. Also, please note, if you make any adjustments to the Collection Default settings, the changes will only be applied to Collections created after the changes have taken place.

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