Can my clients hide photos in the gallery?

Yes. You can provide clients with the ability to Mark Photos Private in the gallery. This feature can be enabled under Client Exclusive Access

Client Exclusive Access allows you to give clients special privileges such as viewing hidden sets, and marking photos private. Private Photos are hidden in the public gallery and is only visible to you and your client.

You can find the Client Exclusive Access option under Collection > Privacy > Client Exclusive Access. Turn it on and you will reveal the Mark Photos Private feature.

How does my client mark photos private?

Once enabled, your client will be able to log in, or "Enter as Client" using the Client Access password when they visit the gallery. 

Inside the gallery, client can either click on the privacy icon at the bottom right corner of the image, or click on the Mark Private button at the top of the enlarged image view, to mark a photo as "private". 

Client will see the status of the image change to "Private" after the image is marked as Private. To release the image from the Private state and mark it public, they simply have to click on the icon again.

How do I see what images my Client has marked as Private?

You can view which images the client has marked as private under Collection > Activity Feed > Private Photo Activity. You can also release the image from the hidden state by selecting the "Unhide" button.  

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