How do I get the fastest support?

Need help, fast? Want to know how to get it? We've got some tips for you! 

When reaching out to Pixieset, we strongly recommend including the following information, to allow us to assist you better and faster! 
  • Email Pixieset from your email address that is associated with your Pixieset Account! This allows us to quickly access your account for investigations. 
  • If you have any Order related questions or concerns, include the Order number, we'll be able to address it faster. 
  • Curious or having difficulties with a Collection? Let us know the Collection name and we can troubleshoot! 
  • Having a hard time uploading your images? Let us know all the testing you've done, so we can get right to the point! (i.e. tried different browsers, etc.) 
  • Take screenshots of what you see/experience. This will allow us to know what we are looking for. 
Use these simple suggestions to allow us to help you faster! Including all important information right from the start allows us to get you the answers you want faster, without having to ask for additional information. 

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