How do I create and manage Coupons?

Offering discounts for your print store can be an effective way to boost sales. You can create a coupon for an amount or % off, offer giveaway items, and free shipping.

To Create a Coupon:

  1. To create a Coupon, go to Store > Coupons > Create New and select the Coupon option: 

  2. You can create 3 types of Coupons:

    Amount or % Discount: Takes a certain dollar value or a percentage off your client's pre-shipping amount. 
    Giveaways: Gives away certain items for free in your client's cart. I.e. Buy one 4 x 6 Print and Get one 4 x 6 Print for free.
    Free Shipping: Gives clients free Economy Shipping (or for self-fulfillment shipping method, this will be the cheapest shipping method you have set up). 

  3. Enter a Name and the Code you would like to use for the Coupon: 

  4. For some of the coupons, you are also able to apply optional settings:

    Minimum order amount: The coupon will only apply if the order meets the minimum order amount.
    Maximum redemption limit: The coupon can only be redeemed this number of times. You can set a maximum redemption limit for each collection, or have this number apply across all collections.
    Expiry date: This coupon will expire and can no longer be used after this date.
    Only applies to...: Restrict this coupon to specific products. I.e. This coupon is only valid for Digital Downloads.
    Add free shipping: If selected, client will also get free Economy Shipping on top of the discount set for this coupon. 

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