How do I create and manage Gift Cards or Print Credits?

Gift Cards contain a pre-stored value which can be used by your client for purchases made from your Store. If your client does not use up all the money on the card, the remaining balance can be used on future orders. If you have Print Credits as part of your Pricing Package. You will definitely find this feature useful!

A Gift Card's balance is like any other payment method, and can be used on purchases, as well as taxes and shipping. 

To Create a Gift Card:

  1. To create a Gift Card, go to Store > Coupons > Create New and select the Gift Card option: 

  2. Name this Gift Card and set a value. The Gift Card code will be pre-populated for you. You can also add an optional expiry date

  3. You can send this gift card to the client directly from here by click on the  icon beside the gift card. You can also add a custom message here, the Gift Card code and expiry date will be pre-populated for you. 

  4. If you’d like to update the Default Gift Card Sharing Email Template, you can do so on the Options page, by going to Account > Options > Email Defaults, and clicking the Edit/Pencil icon beside Gift Card Sharing. 

How does Gift Card work?

Your client will be able to use the Gift Card by entering the code on the Checkout page:

Clients can check the balances on the Card at any time by clicking on Check Balance link in the email:

You will be able to see a history of redemptions and the corresponding orders:

Once a Gift Card has been redeemed, it can no longer be deleted. You can "deactivate" this Gift Card at any time, and restrict it from being used in the future.

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