What is Gallery Assist?

Does your client have questions about using Pixieset? We try our best to make every feature intuitive, but it's not always obvious to everyone.

Gallery Assist is an optional client help system featuring Walk-through Cards, Video Tutorials, and a FAQs section. This will answer most of your clients questions and allow your clients to enjoy their gallery experience even more!

How do I turn Gallery Assist on?

By default, Gallery Assist is set to off. To enable Gallery Assist, go into the Collection > Collection Settings > Gallery Assist and set it to ON. Be sure to hit the "Save" button for the feature to take effect. Once enabled, Gallery Assist will show helpful information for the features you've enabled for the Collection.

What are Walk-through Cards?

Walk-through Cards are designed to introduce features in the gallery to your clients, such as Download, Favorite and Store. They are shown when you first enter the gallery. You will learn a bit about each feature and get hints to the feature icons that you should be looking for.

Note: Walk-through Cards are only shown to the user once per collection. To reset them, you will have to clear your browser's cache.

What is the Help Panel?

The Help Panel contains video tutorials and answers to some common FAQs for each feature. Your clients will find helpful step by step instructions for each enabled feature, such as downloading their images and creating a favorite list. Your client can access this information at any time throughout their experience by clicking the "Help?" link on the navigation bar. 

What if I don't have Download, Favorite, Store or Sharing turned on?

Gallery Assist is a responsive feature! It will only display help content for the features you have turned on within the collection. For example, if you have downloads turned off, your clients would not receive a Walk-through Card, or Help information related to downloads.

How come I don't see the Walk-through Cards?

Walk-through Cards are shown to the user on their first visit. It will show again after a prolonged inactive period. To see the Walk-through Cards again right away, you can reset the browser's cookies. (Learn about this here.)

How do I have Gallery Assist applied to all my Collections?

Gallery Assist is an option available within our Collection Default Settings. To have Gallery Assist enabled for your collections automatically when you create them you would simply need create or adjust your Collection Default Settings to have Gallery Assist enabled!

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