How do I turn off the PIN for Single Photo Download only?

You can turn off the PIN requirement for Single Photo Download only under Single Photo Download advanced options.

If you have Download PIN enabled, by unchecking the "Require Download PIN" box here:
  1. Client and guests are not required to enter the download PIN when they download photos individually.
  2. The PIN is still required to generate Gallery Downloads.

Keep in mind that if you uncheck the box here, anyone with access to this collection will be able to download images individually.

If you wish to turn download PIN off for both Gallery Download and Single Photo Download, you can turn off the Download PIN option at the top of the page.

Disable Email Tracking

You can also disable Email Tracking for Single Photo Download. By unchecking the "Enable Email Tracking" box, clients or guests will not be asked for an email when they download photos individually. However, this also means you will not be able to view download activities for single photo downloads, such as which photos are downloaded and by whom.

If you want to track download activities via client/guest email, but prefer not to receive email notifications for them, you can configure this under your Email Notification Settings.

Setting these options as Collection Default

The download options can be adjusted for each collection. If you want to have these settings automatically applied to a new collection, you can configure them using Collection Default. Simply select the already created default when you are creating a new collection, and appropriate settings will be applied.

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