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  1. Accepting payments with Apple Pay

  2. Accepting Payments with PayPal

  3. Accepting Payments with Stripe

  4. All about Notifications

  5. All you need to know about Orders

  6. All you need to know about Price Sheets

  7. All you need to know about Products

  8. All you need to know about Shipping

  9. All you need to know about Taxes

  10. Are there limits on file sizes or file types for uploads?

  11. Can I accept Offline Payments like check, cash, bank wire etc?

  12. Can I add a custom logo?

  13. Can I call you for support?

  14. Can I collect email addresses for visitors to my collections?

  15. Can I hide the Pixieset Branding?

  16. Can I only allow certain "Sets" to be downloaded but not the others?

  17. Can I set a Password for my collections?

  18. Can I show filenames in my collections?

  19. Can I still use Store if I am not from the United States?

  20. Can I turn off Sharing for the collection?

  21. Can I upload Folders to my collection?

  22. Can I use Store without a Stripe account?

  23. Can my clients hide photos in the gallery?

  24. Collection Management Panel at a Glance

  25. Cover Photo Focal Point

  26. Custom Domain with 1and1

  27. Custom Domain with Bluehost

  28. Custom Domain with GoDaddy

  29. Custom Domain with Namecheap

  30. Do I have to download anything to use Pixieset?

  31. Do I need a website?

  32. Do my collections expire?

  33. Do you charge commission on Store sales?

  34. Downloaded zip file is empty

  35. Everything you need to know about Self-Fulfillment

  36. Holiday Order Deadlines - 2016

  37. How can I see what my clients have favorited?

  38. How can I update my profile or change my username and password?

  39. How do I add a Custom Favicon?

  40. How do I add a gallery as a mobile web app?

  41. How do I add Boutique Packaging?

  42. How do I add Pixieset to my Website?

  43. How do I change the currency?

  44. How do I change the Price Sheet attached to a collection?

  45. How do I check my Email Invite History?

  46. How do I check my Lightroom Pixieset Plugin Export Settings?

  47. How do I Clear My Browsers Saved Information?

  48. How do I copy favorites to a new set/collection?

  49. How do I create and manage Coupons?

  50. How do I create and manage Gift Cards or Print Credits?

  51. How do I create custom email template for Email Invites?

  52. How do I create email templates?

  53. How do I delete a collection?

  54. How do I download my client's Favorites?

  55. How do I get paid for client orders?

  56. How do I get the fastest support?

  57. How do I give a specific number of digital downloads for free?

  58. How do I Hide a Collection from my Homepage?

  59. How do I install the Lightroom Plugin?

  60. How do I limit the number of photos my client can select for a favorite list?

  61. How do I offer both lab and self fulfilled items?

  62. How do I Password Protect my Homepage?

  63. How Do I Purchase Prints At Cost?

  64. How do I refund my client/customer via Stripe?

  65. How do I sell Digital Downloads?

  66. How do I sell print/digital packages?

  67. How do I send automated expiry reminder emails to my clients?

  68. How do I send Favorites as digital downloads to a client/vendor?

  69. How do I set a Minimum Order Amount?

  70. How do I set an expiry date to the gallery?

  71. How do I setup my Stripe account? [Video]

  72. How do I share my collection via Email Invites?

  73. How do I Share the Gallery With My Client?

  74. How do I sort the Collections on my Homepage?

  75. How do I turn off the PIN for Single Photo Download only?

  76. How do I turn Store ON?

  77. How do I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my subscription?

  78. How do I upload from Lightroom?

  79. How do I view my client's favorites in Lightroom? (Lightroom Copy List)

  80. How do I Watermark my photos?

  81. How do the Labs get Paid?

  82. How does Client Exclusive Access work?

  83. How does deliver via digital download work?

  84. How does Favorite work?

  85. How does my client access his/her favorited images?

  86. How does my client add a note or a comment on a photo?

  87. How does my client create multiple favorite lists?

  88. How does my client share or download his/her favorited images?

  89. How to Create Custom Default Settings for your Collections

  90. How to Create Packages for your Pixieset Store (Video)

  91. How to Create/Upload Images Into a Collection

  92. How to Download to Mobile

  93. How to Password Protect your Pixieset Collections + other Privacy Settings (Video)

  94. How to resend Digital Downloads for an Order

  95. How to sell Digital Downloads (Video)

  96. How to Setup Order Delay

  97. How to setup your Custom Domain (Video)

  98. How to Watermark your Images in Pixieset (Video)

  99. I can't login! I forgot my username/password.

  100. I cannot open the downloaded file.

  101. I don't want my collections searchable on Google or other search engines

  102. I'm seeing error messages when I upload.

  103. Images look desaturated/discolored on Mobile devices

  104. Lab Fulfillment: All About Loxley Colour

  105. Lab Fulfillment: All About ProDPI

  106. Lab Fulfillment: All About WHCC

  107. Lab Fulfillment: Can I cancel or change my client's order?

  108. Lab Fulfillment: Do I Need to Calibrate my Monitor?

  109. Lab Fulfillment: How are canvases cropped for print?

  110. Lab Fulfillment: How do I add new Lab-fulfillment products?

  111. Lab Fulfillment: How do I turn it on?

  112. Lab Fulfillment: How does Lab Color Correct work?

  113. Lab Fulfillment: How does shipping work?

  114. Lab Fulfillment: How will the images be cropped?

  115. Lab Fulfillment: What are my available paper choices and how do I select them?

  116. Lab Fulfillment: What countries do you ship to?

  117. Lab Fulfillment: What is the minimum resolution requirement for products?

  118. Lab Fulfillment: Where does Loxley Colour ship to?

  119. Lab Fulfillment: Who should I contact about my client's order?

  120. Moving / Copying Photos to New Set

  121. My Client Cannot Access Their Collection With The Collection Password

  122. My Client forgot to enter their Coupon Code.

  123. My client has not received the Email Invite

  124. My clients wants to access their photos on the phone/tablet.

  125. My image says "Processing"

  126. My Store is ON, why can't I sell?

  127. My upgrade/subscription payment is declined

  128. My upload speed is really slow...

  129. Only United States as a country option on the Checkout page

  130. Organize Collections with Tags

  131. PayPal: What does Pending Fees status mean?

  132. Photo Resizing and Sharpening

  133. Questions about my client order

  134. Self-Fulfillment: How do I offer pickup shipping?

  135. Self-Fulfillment: How To Offer Albums and other Multi-Image Items

  136. Setting up Custom Domain

  137. Setting up your Store

  138. Share Button not showing up in my Dashboard

  139. Small File Size on Download

  140. Some of my sets are crossed off on the Download page

  141. Some products are not showing up in the cart

  142. Sorting Photos in Your Collection

  143. Store buy / add to cart button is not showing

  144. Uploaded photos / images are disappearing

  145. View Collection Stats with Google Analytics

  146. What are collections and sets?

  147. What are my fulfillment options?

  148. What are my Payment Gateway options?

  149. What are my Privacy options for Collections / How do I make a Collection Private?

  150. What browsers do you support?

  151. What color space should my images be in?

  152. What does Pending PayPal status mean?

  153. What file sizes can my client Download?

  154. What is a cover photo and how do I change it?

  155. What is Cost of Goods Sold / Application Fee?

  156. What is Gallery Assist?

  157. What is My Pixieset Homepage?

  158. What is Pixieset?

  159. What is the ratio/dimension of the Cover Photo?

  160. What methods of payment do you accept?

  161. When Will My Credit Card Be Charged?

  162. Where can I customize the Download settings?

  163. Where can I find design options (layout, background color, thumbnail size) for my galleries?

  164. Where can I find more information about Stripe?

  165. Where can I update my business information?

  166. Where do I get my API Credentials?

  167. Which PayPal account do I need?

  168. Why am I receiving email notifications from,,

  169. Why am I seeing the Custom Domain error page?

  170. Why can my clients not purchase everything on my Price Sheet?

  171. Why do my uploaded images look different on Pixieset or Mobile?

  172. Why is my Custom Domain not working?

  173. Why is there a Pixieset Application Fee charged even though I am on an Upgrade account?

  174. Why was there a fee charged on my order?

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